About Us

Debby Gould (left) and Melissa Bruijn

Debby Gould (left) and Melissa Bruijn : founders of Birthtalk.org and authors of ‘How to Heal a Bad Birth: making sense, making peace and moving on.’

Birthtalk.org is an award-winning organisation that was founded in 2002 by Melissa Bruijn and Debby Gould. We began with a handful of passionate mums (and their babies!) gathering at Birthtalk meetings in Brisbane, Australia, where we would  share stories, offer support and provide access to evidence-based information about birth. We held our signature free Healing From Birth™ meetings, and introduced antenatal and VBAC Courses, as we realised the gaps in information available to birthing women, and the impact for women when this information was not easily accessible.  And now, Birthtalk.org provides support to women worldwide via our popular blog Birth Trauma Truths, our informative and nurturing social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, and our ground-breaking book, How to Heal a Bad Birth: making sense, making peace and moving on (released in 2016).  Birthtalk.org was a recipient of the Lord Mayor’s Achievement Award in 2018, for services to mothers, fathers and families in Brisbane needing support after a traumatic birth.

About Debby Gould Trained midwife, childbirth educator, doula and mother of two : Deb herself  has had empowering but challenging births with many lessons that affirmed her beliefs and drove her burgeoning philosophy of birth, leading to the framework that underpins Birthtalk.org’s work  Read more

About Melissa Bruijn Educator, event co-ordinator, and now mother of three : Melissa has had one traumatic caesarean and two empowering VBACs that fuelled the desire to support others towards healing, and towards empowering births in any scenario.  Her own healing journey inspired Birthtalk.org’s beginnings. Read more

The Birth of Birthtalkwhy, when and how Birthtalk began  (we get asked this a lot!) Read more