Nikki : needing to negotiate for her empowering natural birth

Nikki with little Anika

Nikki with little Anika

Nikki & her husband attended our ‘Path to a Better Birth” course, where part of the journey involves learning how to ask questions of their caregivers, as well as what questions to ask, to get enough information to be involved in the decision-making. Turns out there were quite a few questions to be asked on their journey to meeting their daughter!

“I just wanted to touch base and thank you for the information Dave and I received in your course at the beginning of last year. My pregnancy was smooth sailing until 33 weeks when they found out bubba wasn’t growing as expected. Turned out that my umbilical cord wasn’t fab. Then got booted out of birth centre a week out from due date, multiple scans and CTG’s, big argument with an inexperienced Registrar who tried to scare me into an induction by saying I might have a stillbirth!! I made him go to his boss who was happy to let me go to dates.

Anika Charlotte was born one day prior to her due date after a series of acupuncture and 2 membrane sweeps, beautiful natural labour, no drugs, got to hospital in transition!!! No intervention. Ha take that Registrar! I tried to tell him I had fears about how my baby would cope with an induced labour given I had impaired flow in my umbilical cord already. His response: labour’s labour, a contractions a contraction. Enter Birthtalk info here!! 

Your information helped me have the confidence to ask the right questions, not make a snap decision to be induced which I am certain Anika would not have coped well with and would have ended in a ceasar, and seek out the information I needed to to make the safest decision for me and my baby. As such, I had a really beautiful birth experience, one both Dave and I will remember very fondly forever!! So thank you!”