Empowering Stories of Birth

No birth story is the same.  But every birth deserves to be empowering.  All of these women attended Birthtalk sessions prior to their empowering births…many after previous traumatic births.  For most of them, it was their first experience of feeling safe, nurtured and supported in birth.  We need to know that birth can be like this, and we thank them for sharing their intimate stories of birth with us.

Romi : amazing vaginal birth of twins

Anne-Marie : first birth, amazing experience

Lucie : second VBAC, first homebirth, first daughter

Melinda : a gentle first birth

Peta : empowering hospital VBA2C

Lucie : empowering hospital VBAC

Kathryn : beautiful birth after previous shoulder distocia & very unwell baby

Megan : a much better vaginal birth

Kelly : homebirth VBAC after traumatic first birth