Birthing After Caesarean

At Birthtalk we understand that women birthing after a previous caesarean do have special needs and considerations. There may be issues surrounding whether to have a repeat caesarean, or a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC). There may be relevant emotional issues surrounding ‘what happened’ last time that need to be addressed. And it can, at times, be difficult to access evidence-based information and support that would help in decision-making & processing of options.

If you are confused about the caesarean/VBAC decision, we recommend visiting the Caesarean Awareness Network Australia‘s (CANA) Resources pages.

We also recommend a visit to the Childbirth Connection website page discussing VBAC vs Repeat Caesarean, looking at the available evidence.

Childbirth Connection (see above)  uses information from the  Cochrane Database Library. The medical and midwifery professions hold the Cochrane Database Library as its gold standard. This database is also held in high esteem by the World Health Organisation. In the Cochrane Database, all the well researched data on a particular topic is collated, compared and analysed, and the results of this process are then offered. . This is a highly reliable source of evidence-based information and one that Birthtalk recommends as a first port-of-call when looking for research about pregnancy and childbirth.

If you are interested in working towards a VBAC, then see our page Planning a positive VBAC. This will give you insights on how just making the decision to have a VBAC is not enough to guarantee a good birth. You an also read about our VBAC Course, an 8 session course designed to support and inform those working towards an empowering birth after caesarean.

If you are planning a repeat caesarean, we recommend reading our page Planning a positive caesarean, for ideas on how to make this a good experience for you and your family.

If you want to read more, then go to our Caesarean links page, and our Articles and suggested reading page for more ideas and insights.

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