Alex : a hospital VBAC after ECV for breech

Alex and family getting to know tiny Ingrid

Alex and family getting to know tiny Ingrid

“I just wanted to let you know that we had a beautiful little girl Ingrid
on the 25th of March. She was a successful VBAC (hooray!!) and it was
just the most amazing birth experience, largely due to the skills and info
that I learnt from you – thanks SO much! 

I think last time I saw you our bub was breech – I got in to see the doctor you suggested the week after we had our last chat and he was able to do a successful ECV. He was such a wonderful, reassuring man and I can see why people travel to be under his care. Thanks for recommending him!

There were many times during the labour when the option of a Caesarean was broached, but thankfully Ingrid and I were doing well and we were able to keep plugging on for a VBAC and reached the goal eventually and safely. What a joy it was to hold my little girl straight away and feed soon after! 

Thanks again for all your wonderful help.”