VBAC Course

“I wanted to let you know : I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in July.  Yes, another VBAC.  She is a delightful bundle of joy – now 6 weeks old and getting rather fat.  I am very much loving being a mother again and am enjoying my days with her.  Actually am finding it hard to put her down.  Thank you again for the support from Birthtalk.  Birth really is amazing.” Nicole, who attended Birthtalk’s VBAC Course prior to her first VBAC, writing to us after her second VBAC


This is an 8 session course designed to support and inform those working towards an empowering birth after caesarean.

Those considering their options for birth after a previous caesarean will have the opportunity to get their questions and concerns addressed, to enable them to make the best possible decision for their family.

These 8 sessions allow a couple to gain maximum information and support so they can make their decisions based on knowledge rather than fear, and work towards an empowering experience.

Course structure

Session 1: Thinking of VBAC? the stats, the facts, and a “big picture”
understanding your options
Session 2: How to have a good birth™
Session 3: How a birthing body works™ - natural & caesarean birth
Session 4: Negotiating our health system™
Session 5: Supporting our support people™
Session 6: VBAC Women Speak™ - Birthtalk VBAC mums form a panel and share their stories and answer your questions
Session 7: Confidence Shatterers™- what you can do
Session 8: Birth Unplugged™ – Birthtalk women share what birth looks like, sounds like and feel like when undisturbed & well-supported

“I’ve already decided I want a VBAC – why would I need a course?”

Good question! See our page Planning a positive VBAC for the answer.

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PLEASE NOTE : Our popular VBAC Course is currently only available as a private course with Debby Gould, co-founder of Birthtalk, who runs all Birthtalk’s courses.  Through her Private Birth Consultancy, Deb can provide a tailor-made version of any of our courses, in your home, or her own (depending on where you live).  There are also options for Skype or Phone consultations, for those unable to get to Brisbane.  See Deb’s site for details