Planning a Positive Birth

Birth can be wonderful and amazing – any way that you birth – but it takes a level of information and support that is hard to find. It would be nice if we could say “birth is natural – you’ll be fine”…but in our culture, and our maternal health system, it does take a bit more planning than that :)

There is a huge gap in antenatal education in our society, a gap that Birthtalk has been filling for 10 years. The most common comment we receive from women who have already done their regular antenatal education elsewhere, is, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff before?”

Birthtalk’s philosophy is based around making decisions based on knowledge, rather than fear. We often say, ‘You don’t need to know as much as a midwife to have a great birth…but you do need to know some important skills that are hard to gather elsewhere.”

Skills such as knowing which questions to ask…or even knowing that you can ask questions & why you might need to!

Skills such as knowing how and what to communicate to your partner about the support you will need while birthing.

Understanding the crucial role our hormones play, and what these hormones need to be able to do their stuff (this is just as important if you are having a caesarean).

And of course, a trust in birth that comes from listening to the information come-to-life, via other women telling their stories of feeling strong, positive and confident – sharing their own empowering births.

If you are local to Brisbane, then you can gain these skills and information first-hand via our  Path to a Better Birth antenatal course,  and our VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) Course

And you can start the process right now, no matter where you are, of working towards seeing birth as a celebratory event, and a better experience of birth, by following our links below to information that can help you truly plan for a positive birth.

What is a “Better Birth” and why would I want one?

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