Birthing Again After a Bad Birth

941637_10151603747721797_75153604_nSarah with Lucy, (at 5 minutes old). After a less-than-great first birth, she writes about Lucy’s birth : “This is just amazing!!! Lucy just turned two days old. I’ve hardly slept because I’m so high on the feel good stuff. No confusion at all. I remember every moment of labour so positively. So many good things are happening…LIKE LIFE!!!”

Want a Better Birth next time?
Regardless of how your birth unfolds next time, there are many ways to work towards a better birth.

It is NOT about trying to control the actual event of childbirth.
It is NOT about whether you have gas or pethidine, or a waterbirth or a caesarean.
It IS about walking away from your birth feeling strong, positive, and confident.
It IS about knowing WHAT THINGS ARE IMPORTANT IN BIRTH for you to feel good about it and gain from it, and HOW TO GET THEM.

A Better Birth means feeling part of the decision-making, which is the KEY FACTOR many women report made their birth a positive event…REGARDLESS of how the birth unfolded.

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Our Path to a better birth course and VBAC course provide vital info about what women need to know to plan a Better Birth. If you can’t get to a session, check out our information and suggested reading about planning a positive birth.