Tanya : a wonderful hospital VBAC

Tanya and Luke with Annabel, shortly after the birth

Tanya and Luke with Annabel, shortly after the birth

“I went into labour spontaneously in the early hours of Saturday morning and after a
long day, she was born at 2315hrs. I couldn’t really have asked for a better birth ….. everything seemed to happen as you said it would. The labour progressed well, waters broke
spontaneously, no major interventions were required or suggested and thanks
to a fabulous midwife coaching us along, Annie was born without any hiccups. I was able to feed Annie straight away and we stayed that way for a couple of hours before anyone disturbed us. The moments after her birth when it was just the three of us were magic.

As the memories fade of how incredibly intense and, at times frankly painful the contractions were, my remaining memories of my labour are ones of immense satisfaction, pride and complete awe for this amazing process and I am so glad for the privilege of experiencing this. I sleep well, have lots of energy and I have a beautiful little girl to remind me how lucky I am.

I am very sure that the knowledge Luke and I gained from Birthtalk played a massive part. We both knew what to expect and understood what was happening during my labour so I never felt scared or lost confidence in my ability to birth naturally. We made decisions confidently during the labour and everything seemed to happen as we had learnt in your classes. I am so grateful for your advice and confidence in natural birth and truly believe your wisdom made my labour my experience, rather than being led blindly by medical professionals……so thank you!!

I would love to bring Annie to meet you sometime and am busting to tell my labour story to anyone who will listen so if you ever need another story,
please call.”