FAQ about “Healing From Birth” Meetings

Are your groups just for women who have had a caesarean? 
The simple answer is No. The focus is on healing from birth…any birth. We have women attending who had 3 hour speed vaginal births, or who had ‘textbook’ labours and vaginal births, or who had caesareans – some elective, some unplanned. We find any women who have had a bad birth share similar feelings…regardless of the mode of birth, ie whether caesarean or vaginal.

My ‘baby’ is now a toddler/preschool age/older…have I left it too late? Are you only for women with young babies?
It is certainly not too late to contact us – in fact, many women do not contact us until their child is a bit older. This is often because the first few months are basically spent in ‘survival’ mode, so there is little space to focus on the birth or how you are feeling. It is not until things get a tad easier and not quite so intense from a ‘learning how to look after a baby’ point of view, that there is a chance to reflect and think about ‘what happened’ in your birth.

I want to come but I am not sure I am ready to talk – I am worried I will cry.
You don’t have to speak – you are very welcome just to listen. Most women find they get a lot out of hearing other women talk at the meeting, and often the relief of knowing there are others who feel the same is a great step towards healing.

I don’t want to sit around and hear other women moan and groan about their births…what exactly happens in your group that might help me?
We don’t sit about and complain about how bad our births were! We invite women to debrief their birth in the context of gaining clarity about “what happened”. If you are not planning any more babies, this can enable you to just move on and go back to your family more present and complete. And if you do want more children, gaining clarity and processing “what happened” can mean the previous birth is less likely to overshadow any upcoming birth, and can help in exploring ways of making any future birth a better experience.

I feel too emotional or traumatised to be in a group situation – do you offer private sessions?
Debby Gould, midwife,co-founder of Birthtalk, and co-facilitator of the Healing From Birth group, is available for private sessions. Initially, it is worthwhile giving Deb a call to discuss your needs and discover your options. For info about Private Consultations & Debby’s contact details, click here.

I live out of Brisbane – can Birthtalk help me?
Birthtalk Healing From Birth groups are only available in Brisbane. Debby Gould, midwife and co-founder of Birthtalk, is available for Phone or Skype Consultations. This can be a great initial step to gain some clarity and kickstart the healing process, and is often utilised by women interstate or living rurally.  Go to Debby’s website for more details about private consultations.

Can you recommend any further resources for healing?
Check out our articles :
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We recommend the following books : 
Birthing From Within by Pam England
Birth Crisis by Sheila Kitzinger
Open Season and Silent Knife by Nancy Wainer Cohen (for post-caesarean support)

Where are your meetings held?
All “Healing From Birth” meetings are held at Toowong Physio Rehab Centre,
13 Morley St, Toowong, Brisbane.

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