Why Is Birth Important?

Because birth can be one of the most amazing, fulfilling and exciting life experiences we can have. And because we don’t just leave our feelings about our birth at the hospital.

The feelings we bring home about the birth can affect our experience of parenting our new babies. If we bring home feelings of confidence, joy, and strength, our instinctive bonding is promoted with our gorgeous little ones. Our confidence in all aspects of life can soar and we can connect at a new level with our partners.

If we are bringing home feelings of fear, isolation and confusion, bonding with our beautiful babies can be difficult, and feelings of failure can result. Our confidence can plummet, and relationships with partners can suffer. These feelings can infiltrate all areas of our lives as a new family.

How can Birthtalk help?
At Birthtalk we know having a better birth need not be left up to chance…and that the benefits are many and far-reaching. We also know there is a gap in current mainstream antenatal education – women are not learning how to optimize their chances of a positive birth, or how vital this experience is to the quality of their postnatal period.

That’s why we offer our 6-session course, The Path to a Better Birth.

Birthtalk fills the gap by sharing info and ideas we believe are vital for women to have a good birth in our system, yet this information is not readily available in our community. This information is just as crucial for women having natural births as it is for those having a caesarean. It is equally important for women planning a vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean), perhaps more so, given the extra hurdles they often face.

The Path to a Better Birth course offers an antenatal education you won’t find anywhere else, with real-life examples, a hands-on approach to facing any challenges, and with a celebratory air towards the birthing experience. Partners & support people are warmly welcomed.

What if I’ve already had a bad birth?
Because Birthtalk understands the importance of birth, we can offer real validation and emotional support after a challenging birth. One of the biggest moments for a woman can be telling her story to the RIGHT people. People who know that birth matters. People who might have been there themselves. People who know that the definition of “Healthy Mother and Baby” extends beyond just physical health.

And often, after telling their story, or hearing another woman sharing similar experiences, there is room for change, and growth.

Our Healing from Birth meetings offer validation and support for women (and partners) – no matter how long ago your baby was born – plus tools for making peace with the experience and moving on, with guidance from those who have made the journey.