Links for VBAC & Caesarean Info

Birthtalk has gathered links to the best websites exploring caesarean issues & providing resources in Australia and internationally.

Caesarean Awareness Network Australia 
An Australian website & organisation, set up by Birthtalk and Caroline McCullough, former President of the Maternity Coalition. The CANA website has been designed as a portal to accurate, evidence-based information for Australian women needing information and support on all issues regarding caesareans. There is a National Support Phone Line, as well as articles, resources, latest research and “birth essentials” for all things to do with caesareans, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), and empowered birthing after caesarean in Australia and around the world.

Birthrites: Healing From Caesarean
An Australian website, based in WA.Heaps of women’s stories, caesarean info, a message board, links to other sites, VBAC Guidelines, plus a support person register. Just a great place to visit to know you¹re not alone.

CARES Inc : Caesarean Awareness Recovery, Education & Support                                     CARES Incorporated is a South Australian, not-for-profit organisation which aims to help women make informed and empowering choices about birth by Caesarean and VBAC. They support women and families to work through any issues surrounding Caesarean birth and its implications for future births. With info available about their monthly coffee mornings, and a long list of resources, this is a great site to explore in your journey to another birth after caesarean.

International Caesarean Awareness Network 
A US-based website, but relevant for everyone.   A lot of interesting and extremely important information is available here.  Many inspiring Birth Stories – these women really are passionate about supporting other c/sec women, and providing accurate information. The chat list is a wonderful way of receiving support – highly recommended as an avenue for healing, and getting questions answered.
Don’t be misled by the web address – this is really a site for anyone who has been traumatised by their Birth Experience. Kmom has heaps of interesting articles, including a great one about Healing. She is a Childbirth Educator, and a determined, nurturing woman who is devoted to helping women have empowered births.