Letters to Birthtalk

We regularly  receive letters from women who have attended our courses, or been supported by us in the Healing From Birth group, or who have personally had Debby from Birthtalk as their doula.  We absolutely love getting these beautiful notes and gorgeous photos, sharing details about aspects of their experience.   We are often reduced to tears, reading of women’s joy as they talk us through their births, and introduce their new little ones.

Alex : a hospital VBAC after ECV for breech

Antoinette : 5 weeks early, fast birth, empowering experience

Gillian : first baby, long labour, empowering birth

Kathryn : empowering, positive caesarean for transverse lie

Leah : VBA2C at 42 weeks

Nicola : a powerful VBAC

Nikki : needing to negotiate for her empowering natural birth

Sarah : empowering homebirth transfer ending in VBAC

Tanya : a wonderful hospital VBAC

Vanessa : wonderful Birth Centre waterbirth after previous traumatic birth