‘Healing From Birth’ Meetings

I just wanted to express how perfectly Birthtalk comprehended my experience and how amazingly helpful you have been. You are doing something incredibly important, and are healing many lives. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” Robyn

What happens in our meetings?

Well, it’s probably easier to start by explaining what DOESN’T happen. Before attending the group, some women have expressed concern that it will be “a bunch of people who just sit about and complain & moan about how bad their births were”…an understandable misconception…which doesn’t sound like a very beneficial experience for anyone. Birthtalk’s “Healing From Birth” group is certainly not at all like that.

So what DOES happen?

Whilst we do absolutely offer the opportunity to talk about exactly what happened, how you felt, and how it may have impacted on your life since, we invite women (and men) to debrief in the context of gaining clarity about ‘what happened’, to explore ways of making any future birth a better experience, so the previous birth does not overshadow any upcoming birth. Or, if you are not planning any more babies, to just move on and go back to your family more present and complete.

Working towards another birth?

Many women find that attending these meetings allows them to ‘make a space’ for the new baby, as they deal with what happened in their previous birth. You don’t have to speak – you can just listen. And it doesn’t matter whether your baby was born last week, or last year – or even last century! Just come along and be with other people who know that birth matters.

Our meetings are not specifically “postnatal” meetings, that is, they are designed both for those with new babies, and those whose children are older. We have had mothers attend with newborns, right through to mothers with children who are young adults. Anyone is welcome…only you know when the time is right.

“I am so grateful for the amazing support you have provided me. Over the past six months, since first coming to Birthtalk, I have slowly but surely fallen in love with my beautiful son. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot put into words just how highly I value the two of you.”   Angela


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