Vanessa : wonderful Birth Centre waterbirth after previous traumatic birth

Vanessa meets baby Oliver

Vanessa meets baby Oliver

Dear Birthtalk,

“…just to let you know, we had an amazing birth, in the birth centre!!! We connected so well and were able to have the healing birth both of us wanted and needed. 

I had a long lead up of about three days on and off until finally at 5am on the 2nd contractions were 5mins apart and getting stronger throughout the day then about 1pm we were going to head in to the hospital but I was still coping well so left it until 4pm and then decided it was time. We arrived at 5pm and I was 4cm dilated but head not engaged so worked to bring him down, by 9pm things were looking really good and we hit the bath. 

Things got really strong and about 10.20pm my waters broke and 11mins later he was out…wow, wow, wow!!! What a diffference to my birth with my firstborn, not only did I get to experience pushing him out but I had nothing of the pain I had with my previous birth and none of the feeling like I was being pulled apart, and my husband was just amazing and so supportive. We worked together so well. I want to thankyou for all your support in helping us to achieve what we wanted. 

We did it on our own, just the two of us with our midwife in the background guiding us through, she was amazing too and so supportive. I feel blessed in so many ways to have a beautiful birth with a beautiful man and to have birthed a beautiful boy……much love to you both!”